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Wood rot prevention. Roof vents work by letting the warm or humid air out so the moisture can leave the home. 

Finding wood rot is not anything any homeowner wants to find. It often becomes apparent when shingles get replaced and the roofer sees it in the roof decking, rafters or ridge board. Homeowners also see if often when painting trim and find that the wood under a window sill is soft, which means it's rotted.

Given the right conditions, wood rot can spread and generally weaken the structural integrity of the home. This could also lessen the resale value of the home, so if found, it's best to take swift action to get rid of wood rot.

Bone Dry Roofing specializes in roof repairs that can help prevent wood rot. We offer expert wood rot repair and roof repair services in Clarksville, Louisville, Mount Washington and the nearby areas. Contact us today for a free repair estimate!

So What Causes Rot Anyway?

Not everyone knows that wood rot is caused by fungus spores, which are actually everywhere near us. Fungus spores aren't always growing though and rot doesn't just happen in a few days. Dry rot is actually a kind of rot where the wood is overtaken by the fungus and it destroys the wood, making it not as hard and stable. 

What does fungus need to grow? Water and a relative humidity level that is high. Once a building's material (usually wood) has a high relative humidity, rot can become a real problem. On roofing, this can happen when a leak happens, even if small and lets water soak into the wood frame. 

Where to Look for Dry Rot & Wood Rot:

  • Exterior window sills and door thresholds
  • Exterior window and door casings (trim)
  • The underside of roof decking (if accessible from the attic)
  • Roof framing (if accessible from the attic)
  • Fascia (trim to which gutters are often attached) and rake boards (trim on the gable end of a roof)

Bone Dry Roofing Gets Wood Rot at the Source

wood rot damage

If wood rot goes untreated for too long, it could lead to severe damage to your roof.

There are several different factors that can cause wood rot in your roof, which is why it's important to understand what problems can make your roof at risk.

  • Clogged or misaligned gutters: If your gutters are clogged or misaligned, tremendous amounts of water can enter your home and saturate the ground around your foundation (which can also allow water to seep into your home). Properly cleaning and maintaining gutters ensures rainwater drains away from your home.
  • Roof ventilation: The roof is more than a barrier to rain and snow -- it's also where your home exhales! A properly vented roof also expels much of the water vapor that builds up in the home and plays an important role in keeping the moisture content in building materials to safe levels. Vent openings are typically located along the roof's ridge and soffits at the eaves and are usually continuous in order to maintain adequate air flow.
  • Damaged roofing materials: Water is necessary for wood rot, and there's no surer way for water to get into your roof than cracked, missing, or torn shingles. By ensuring that you maintain your roof and apply the right roof repairs when necessary, you can limit the risk of a roof leak that leads to wood rot.

Local and Expert Wood Rot Repair

Looking for an effective solution to wood rot in Kentucky? Bone Dry Roofing is here to help you with a complete range of roof repair services. Reach out to us by phone or send us an email to schedule a free roof repair estimate in Louisville, Clarksville, Mount Washington, Bardstown, Elizabethtown, Jeffersonville, New Albany, Prospect, Pewee Valley, Simpsonville and nearby.

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