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Bone Dry Roofing Before & After Photos

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Pipe Boot Repair in Crestwood, KY

We came out to fix a leak around a pipe boot. We did this removing the shingles from around 3" pipe boot on the back of the house. Then we added ice and water shield. Next we replaced pipe boot and re-shingled properly. We finished up by replacing two blown off tabs with Owens Corning supreme black shingles. 

Roof Flashing Repair in Crestwood, KY

Patrick had a mysterious leak for some time and he could not figure out where it was coming from. We came out and diagnosed that it was the flashing. We also decided to replace a vent hood that was past its prime.

We started off by removing approximately 16ft of flashing and shingles from sided wall on left side of the house. Then we installed ice and water shield. Next, we installed 16ft of new black flashing to wall and reshingle properly. Following that, we replaced the hood vent in the same area. We finished up by sealing the repair area.

Valley Roof Repair in Crestwood

This valley had been causing problems for our customer for some time. It would leak off an on and they couldn't get it stop. Adoon Smith went out and realized that shingles would not help this and we needed to try something new.

We removed the shingles and installed modified bitumen roofing. We also installed ice and water shield to keep it nice and dry. 

This will keep the water out and keep our customer happy.

Hail Damaged Ridge Cap in Crestwood, KY

After recent hail storms, this customer noticed that some of his ridge cap shingles looked beat up. They were concerned that the hail had destroyed their roof. We sent out Phil Bauman to take a look. Thankfully, there was no serious hail damage. The ridge cap just needed to be replaced.

We removed the damaged ridge cap across one section of the roof and replaced it with new ridge cap. Looks good as new. 

The best part? A happy customer!

Nail Holes in Roofing Valley Repaired in Crestwood

This valley was experiencing some leaks. When Daniel got out there, he discovered it was the nails that were causing these leaks.


Edgar came out and removed the shingles from the valley. He installed ice and water shield to give this valley an extra layer of protection. Then he replaced the shingles that had been damaged by the nails. He finished up by making sure there were no more issues with the nails and cleaned up the area.

Good as new.




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